12 Maggio 2022 News

IceLab è Centro di Eccellenza ISU



We strive to provide quality programs and education with the aim of pursuing excellence in a healthy and sustainable environment  


We create and cultivate opportunities for participation and achievement in figure skating. We support all athletes in reaching their goals, maximizing their potential by providing top quality programs 


Our international skating program for high level comprises a fully coordinated system for the advancement of the multiple skills and abilities that contribute to talent development (besides skating, we offer off-ice training, dance, stretching and injury prevention, but also mental coaching, nutritional advice and career advising, amongst others) 

Each day Monday to Friday schedule consists of: 

  • 2 X technical session on ice with international coaches 
  • 1 X skating skills session on ice  
  • 1 X spins ( spirals for pairs ) session on ice  
  • 1 X rotational( lifts for pairs )  exercises off ice  
  • 1 X ballet or stretching session  
  • 1 x physical training session  

Each skater/pair  coming to the center will be provided by the director and team of coaches with a personalized program that will include goals and work plan.


Teamwork is the basic idea underpinning the whole Icelab coaching program and it has been proven to work well and produce results. The program, which includes multiple key skills for skaters (physical training, choreography, psychology, ballet and postural training, stretching and so on) is coordinated in all its components by the director Mrs. Franca Bianconi, in full cooperation with the head coach of the skater.